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youPCR® Plant Sex Reagents Starter Bundle (50 rxns)

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The youPCR® Plant Sex Starter Bundle provides all the reagents required to run the youPCR® Plant Sex assay. 

youPCR® Solution B - Plant Sex assay is used to detect male cannabis DNA from a leaf sample. The youPCR® Plant Screening Platform allows hemp and cannabis cultivators to screen plants for genetic traits and pathogens, while they are still in the seedling tray. Early screening can be used to prevent costly infestations and save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on plants with undesirable traits, such as males.

For all youPCR® Solution B product orders, you will require Solution A, Solution C, and the corresponding positive control to run the assay properly. 

This bundle includes the following items - enough reagents for 50 samples:
  • youPCR® Solution A
  • youPCR® Solution B - Plant Sex Assay
  • youPCR® Solution C
  • youPCR® Plant Sex Positive Control
This bundle does not include the laboratory equipment and consumables to get started. For that we have created a separate lab bundle to get you started. Please see below under recommended items.


All Medicinal Genomics reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards. All lots of reagents are functionally tested in house and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available upon request. Please contact support@medicinalgenomics.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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