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youPCR® 96 Well Lab Equipment Starter Bundle

SKU: 420500


Starter bundle including all materials that you'll need to get going with youPCR point-of-grow testing for 200 samples.

The kit includes the following:
  • 96 well PCR plates
  • PCR grade Nuclease Free Water
  • optically clear PCR plate seals
  • 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube
  • conical centrifuge tube - 15mL
  • dual rotor microcentrifuge
  • mini plate centrifuge
  • 80-place 1.5mL tube rack
  • 2-20 uL single channel pipettor
  • 20-200 uL single channel pipettor
  • 100-1000 uL single channel pipettor
  • 50 mL reagent reservoir
  • 5 liter ice bucket


A PCR Thermal Cycler must also be purchased separately. A 96 well instrument will allow for greatest throughput, but smaller instruments are available. Medicinal Genomics is a certified reseller of the Chai Open PCR platform, a 16 channel PCR machine.

We do NOT include youPCR® reagents with the starter kit. These must be purchased separately.
 We have Gender, CBDA, THCA, and Powdery Mildew assays and more available here.

Please also note that pipette tips (both 200uL and 1000uL that we recommend) must be ordered separately as we do not have a reliable enough supply of these in order to stock. There are serious supply / demand issues impacting pipette tip manufacturers. Please source your own.