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FemINDICAtor® Reagents Starter Bundle (300 Reactions)

SKU: 420228


The FemINDICAtor® Reagents Starter Bundle provides the reagents required to run the FemINDICAtor® Plant Gender Detection Assay priced to run at under $5.00 per sample. This bundle provides enough reagents for 300 reactions.

The FemINDICAtor® Cannabis Sex Detection Assay uses DNA based (qPCR) technology to identify male cannabis plants weeks before they show any visual sex features. Males can then be removed from a grow in order to maintain female flowers rich in cannabinoids. This method is an improvement over traditional visual inspection because it allows growers to identify male plants earlier, more accurately, and with less labor.

This promotional bundle includes the following SKUs 

  • 3 x 420208 - Leaf Punch Lysis Solution (96 Rxns with solution pre-aliquoted in strip tubes with caps)
  • Grommets for Sampling
  • 1 x 420201 - qPCR Master Kit v3 (300 reactions)
  • 1 x 420154 - FemINDICAtor® Plant Gender Detection Assay v2 (300 rxn)
  • 1 x 420312 - FemINDICAtor® Positive Control (50 rxn)

This bundle does not include the equipment and consumables that will be necessary to get started. Those must be ordered separately if you don't already have a qPCR instrument in your laboratory.

To get more detailed pricing information and a list of equipment and consumables to get started please click here.


All Medicinal Genomics reagents are manufactured in a facility certified to ISO 9001 standards. All lots of reagents are functionally tested in house and Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available upon request. 

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