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Agilent Bravo 96-Head Liquid Handling System

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The Agilent Bravo NGS is a flexible and compact automated liquid handling platform that streamlines your routine genomic workflows, including library preparation and target enrichment for next generation sequencing (NGS). Agilent VWorks automation control software allows users to quickly start the system and run preprogrammed protocols with confidence, while the open platform provides the flexibility to serve a wide range of applications.




  • Quickly automate with ready-to-use protocols and pre-developed methods for Agilent SureSelect, Agilent HaloPlex, Illumina TruSeq, NuGEN Ovation, KAPA HTP, PacBio SMRTbell, NEBNext, and more
  • Easy to use interface requires no programming expertise to run your automated methods
  • Reliable data quality allows you to increase your throughput, with consistent results every time
  • Open platform allows you to automate more NGS or genomics methods with confidence
  • The optional on-deck thermal cycler (ODTC) is a compact and configurable accessory on the Bravo NGS system which increases walk-away time and simplifies workflows