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qPCR Master Kit v2 (200 rxns)

SKU: 420200
Storage Conditions: - 20C


The qPCR Master Kit is used in combination with PathoSEEK® and/or FemINIDCAtor® detection assays to utilize a novel qPCR based assay that is contamination free and provides an internal plant DNA control for every reaction. It is a simple two-step protocol, which is flexible and is automation compatible.

Our qPCR Master Kit includes the following items:
  • Reaction Buffer (10x)
  • Decontamination Enzyme (10 Units/uL)
  • qPCR Master Mix (5x)
  • Nuclease Free Water


The text "v2" (Version 2) was added to the item description for this SKU on February 26th, 2020. This change is an update to our naming convention only and does not correspond to any change to the contents of this item. This name change coincides with our release of a Version 3 Master Kit (SKU 420201) which is required for use with our 5-Color Aspergillus Multiplex Assay. Version 1 of the SKU 420200 was released in 2015 with the original "PathogINDICAtor" product launch. Version 2 was released in 2017 when Medicinal Genomics launched its webstore and rebranded the PathoSEEK® platform.

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