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Whole Genome Shotgun Sequencing Stem Submission

1 - 3$1,047.00
4 - 7$947.00
8 - 15$847.00
16 +$647.00
SKU: 420420


For the most complete, future-proof genomic profile.

Whole Genome Sequencing features:

  • Largest and most comprehensive genetic assay on the market
  • Full genome sequencing at approximately 10x mean depth coverage (genome sizes vary plant to plant)
  • 6 week turnaround
  • Reports and downloadable raw sequence data will be published to a webpage on Kannapedia.net
  • Covers loci from StrainSEEK® and all published cannabis data including Sawler, Lynch and Phylos
  • Includes cannabinoid & terpene synthase gene coverage
  • Includes a submission to the public DASH blockchain



Please contact us directly for batch pricing, private reports, or if submitting genomic DNA.