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PathoSEEK® Russet Mite Detection Assay (200 rxn)

SKU: 420146
Storage Conditions: -20C


PathoSEEK® Russet Mites Detection Assay is used to detect the presence of russet mites found on cannabis plants. The assay targets the species using the FAM fluorophore, and is used in combination with the SenSATIVAvax extraction and qPCR Master Kit protocols. It is also necessary to use the Russet Mites positive control. This item includes enough reagent for 200 reactions.

This assay is a real time or quantitative PCR (qPCR) assay. We also sell a youPCR® assay for russet mites. If you are already running qPCR in your laboratory we recommend using PathoSEEK® qPCR Detection Assays as the platform is more informative, more robust, and contains an internal control.

Please read about preventing Russet mites with DNA based screening here


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