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Bio Molecular Systems Myra Liquid Handling Robot

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The Myra liquid handling system incorporates cutting-edge algorithms, an automatic pipette, and integrated camera, ensuring precision pipetting. With Myra, you can save valuable time thanks to the exceptional speed, pinpoint accuracy of the automatic pipette, user-friendly software, and requires little to no maintenance.

With Myra, you can automate qPCR set up for PathoSEEK® qPCR Detection Assays and the FemINDICAtor® qPCR Cannabis Sex Detection Assay.




The Myra liquid handling system boasts best-in-class accuracy and precision, with deviations of less than 2% for 2μL pipetting volumes. This remarkable precision is achieved through closed-loop axis control, which relies on optical encoders and advanced path planning. As a result, you only need to calibrate positions once, ensuring consistent and high-precision automatic pipette tip positioning, even for small aperture tubes like 384 well plates. This, in turn, reduces the frequency of tip changes.

Additionally, the interchangeable automatic pipette head provides you with greater flexibility to meet all your liquid handling requirements. Each automatic pipette head contains its own calibration data, eliminating the need for recalibration with each exchange. Furthermore, Myra now offers the option to vortex, utilizing a high-speed rotating motion of the Myra head to enhance and expedite the mixing of reagents.


Myra is a dynamic liquid handler designed with both style and function in mind. It weighs less than 10kg and boasts a footprint of less than 2ft2, which is half the size of other instruments in its class.

Furthermore, a closed pipette tip waste container not only minimizes the system’s footprint, it reduces the risk of contamination. The inclusion of UV LED lights and a compact HEPA filter further decreases the likelihood of contamination. This compact design is applied to both components, resulting in a reduced size and weight for the Myra liquid handling system.

Automate qPCR on the Mic Cycler

Experience a perfectly seamless workflow when connecting the Myra liquid handling system with the Mic cycler for qPCR. Both instruments can be operated from a single user interface, eliminating the need for exporting or importing sample names. Simply set up, run, and analyze your experiments all in one convenient location. Once done, you can configure experiments for multiple Mic cyclers using a single Myra liquid handling system and analyze the results in a unified file using the Project feature.

We don’t limit our offerings to just qPCR; you can also take advantage of simplified solutions for NGS library preparation, bead clean up, normalization, cherry picking, dilutions and titrations, and pooling.